Best Adapter For USB-C Powered Laptop To Grab From Amazon At Discounted Price

USB C Charger AUKEY Omnia 65W Fast Charger

I feel I need a separate bag for all the adapters and wires that I need to charge all my equipment when traveling anywhere these days. For my MacBook, I have a large brick with a different cord, and I have a separate USB-C and a Lightning cable for my iPhone. Obviously, my Apple Watch has to use the own cable and cable of Apple, and my Kindle e-book reader needs a micro-USB cable and a different wall adaptor. And I need a regular USB-C loader and a portable power bank adapter I carry with me. In short, it is a big pain in the ass.

In all that you can see why I was so excited when Aukey sent me the new AUKEY Omnia Fast Charger 65W dual-port before it was launched. It is 50% smaller and approximately 50% lighter than the MacBook wall adapter and has a total output of 65W. You can connect it to your computer and charging it to a total of 65W or connect your iPhone or iPad to a second cable at full speed while charging your laptop to a 45W speed.

The AUKEY Omnia Dual-Port 65W Fast Charger is available in two different versions and they are both on sale on Amazon right now. The Dual Port USB-C and USB-A models are available at $50 but are currently available only for $37.59 if you are an Amazon Prime member, and the two USB-C ports version is down to $43.99 rather than $60 for Prime members. I now bring the latter so that my iPhone 11 Pro is quick to charge while I charge my MacBook as well, and it’s like a dream come true.

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