Take This Adjustable Aluminum MacBook Stand For $20 Today!

The BESIGN LS10 Aluminum Laptop Stand is on sale right now at Amazon for just $19.99. Normally selling for $27.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly 29 percent on the original price.

All laptops from 10″ to 15.6″ can be used with the Besign LS10 Laptop Stand, including the Apple Air 13, the Pro 13/Pro 15/2018, the HP ASUS, the Lenovo ThinkPad, the Dell, HP, and Chromebooks, among others. To improve ergonomics and reduce neck fatigue and neck pain, the LS10 Laptop Stand may be adjusted in height and angle for your laptop.

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To adjust, all you need to do is push or pull, depending on whether you want it to go up or down. The rubber on the holding hands sticks firmly, keeping your laptop solid on the stand and preventing any scratches. This adjustable laptop stand is made of superior Aluminum alloy, is durable, and supports up to 13 pounds (6 kg).

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The open aluminum design allows for optimum airflow and ventilation, which keeps your laptop from overheating. You might also store your laptop’s keyboard, mouse, and other office supplies under the stand because of the open design. The laptop stand is made of durable aluminum and can be adjusted at numerous angles and heights to suit your needs.

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