Avantree Aria Me Auto-Optimized Audio Bluetooth Headphones Works Great For Apple Device, $135 Only

Avantree Aria Me Auto-Optimized Audio Bluetooth Headphones

The self-optimized Avantree Aria Me Bluetooth aptX noise-canceling headphones from Amazon are down to $134.99. Use the H8M7GYPS code to get $15 off the price during your checkout. These headphones are not directly decreasing from the $150 street price. The only way to find them on sale is through coupon codes like this one, and if you haven’t already seen code is by using one of our best prices.

These headsets are specifically designed so that the audio experience can be personalized. That should appeal to everybody who wishes to have a personalized, advanced experience. It is especially important to be someone with hearing impairment because the audio can be perfect for yourself. You get a free audio app on the headphones to set your own hearing profile.

It’s Bluetooth, too, so you don’t require any annoying wires. They also have a codec aptX-HD, allowing you, with little interruption or interference, to transmit high-resolution audio. It sounds as good as wired headphones and can even reproduce original master studio recordings.

If in the busy environment you’re using these headphones such as watching TV with a bunch of kids or listening to music while on public transport to work, don’t be afraid either. The active technology for noise cancellation eliminates distracting background noise and only lets you hear what you want to hear.

You can use the headphones to call or receive a detachable boom microphone. You can also press the button, talk with your voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant, and get easy answers.

The rechargeable battery should last up to 24 hours, and the headphones come with a charger stand.

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