AUKEY Omnia 2 Port 65W Charger Ditch Apple 61W USB-C Charger At Twenty Five Dollars

AUKEY Omnia 2-Port 65W GaN Fast Charger

When you clip the 20 percent off on-page coupon then use the code O3GKQA5K during checkout, the Aukey Omnia 2-port USB-C wall charger drops to a measly $25 on Amazon. The two discounts are stacked, bringing the total down all the way from its regular price of $38. This price corresponds to a low one but the deal has been very brief and months ago. Pick up this one now while you can and replace the default slow chargers that you still use.

The Omnia is equipped with a USB A port and a Power Delivery 3.0 USB-C port. Use the USB-C port for yourself if you want to maximize. This way it is able to deliver 65W of power. You get a power output of 45W if both ports are used simultaneously. In any way, you won’t really notice much difference and for all your favorite appliances, you will still get plenty of juice. Dynamic Detection is the function that can determine what the charger is connected to and how it is used.

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A GaN chip, or gallium nitride, is powered by the charger, which helps keep the charger more compact, lightweight, and still capable of high-power charging. It is hardly much larger than the charger you probably have with your phone, but it can definitely do much more.

Use Omnia with a wide range of devices. Laptops like MacBook Pro are powerful enough to charge but they can also be used on other USB devices. Charge your tablet or smartphone. The integrated safeguards protect the charger and your electronics from short circuits, overheating, overcharging, etc.

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