Unlock Your Home Front Doors From Your Apple Watch With This Discounted August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (12% OFF)

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

If you use HomeKit to build a smarter home, an intelligent lock is an excellent way of increasing the convenience that HomeKit offers while maintaining your home safe. August Smart Lock’s latest version, one of our favorite HomeKit door locks, is a great choice for HomeKit because it’s easy to install, doesn’t need a bridge, and has a compact new design.

Right now you can get 12 percent off the August Smart Lock on Amazon’s Black Friday and bring your door locks to the smart home era.

For a while, August has been in the smart lock game and has long been one of the best locks for HomeKit you can get. In addition to reliable mainstays, such as auto-locking and Siri support, its latest revision, the fourth-generation Smart Lock, offers a number of new features.

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The fourth-generation Smart Lock is supported by Wi-Fi, one of the most important additions. Although they had wireless connectivity via Bluetooth in the previous August Smart Locks, they did not connect directly to Wi-Fi themselves, instead of requiring another accessory. The Wi-Fi functionality of the new Smart Lock enables you to control the lock while away from your home. It enables you to do things, such as make sure that you lock your door or let guests stay with you without electronic guest keys.

When you talk about guest keys, you can create special guest keys if you want, or someone who doesn’t live regularly (cleaners, maybe) must come to your house. You can use the August application to send keys to your friends, family, and anyone you trust, at all times.

Its size is one of the other major changes in the latest-generation Smart Lock. The August Smart Lock is now approximately 45% less than its predecessors and a slimming down profile can make a big impact right at your door. The smaller size also makes it easier for the Smart Lock to turn manually if needed, which is a nice fringe benefit.

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However, the August Smart Lock retains what may be his best feature despite this change in size: you can still use it with your existing lock. If you are new to the August Smart Lock, you should know that your existing lock does not need to replace the Smart Lock, which makes it great for renters. Instead, the thumb-turn (the part of the lock inside your home that you turn to lock or unlock your door) is removed and replaced with the Smart Lock, leaving the mechanisms of the rest of the lock intact. If you need it to, your existing key will still work, and if you move, you can put the thumb-turn back.

The August Smart Lock is an easy to use way to secure your home whilst offering extra comfort. And now is the perfect time to take advantage of some great Black Friday deals to get a discount on this lock.

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