Take This Top Rated Universal Bluetooth Keyboard For Your iMac At $25

The Arteck HB192 Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is available from Amazon for $25.49. You immediately save 27% off the original price without using a special coupon code at the checkout.

This keyboard can concurrently support three devices. You can switch between three different devices with a single key press. Low-profile keys make typing quiet and comfortable, and the stainless steel material has a heavy-duty feel to it. You can quickly gain access to frequently used tools including text copy and paste, playback regulation, volume control, and more. It also contains a compact, portable number pad, and arrow keys.

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The low-profile, full-size arrow, number pad, and shortcut buttons make typing quiet and enjoyable, and the stainless steel gives off a strong impression. The low-profile, whisper-quiet keys will provide a whole new level of comfort for your fingertips. Utilize Windows-specific hotkeys to keep all of your regularly used features and media controls even closer than before. On a keyboard with scissors kick architecture, more than 3 million keystrokes can be made continuously.

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Use with gadgets running any of the four major operating systems (iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows) that support Bluetooth, as well as with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad Mini, iPhone, Smartphone, and Android Tablets like Samsung Galaxy, Surface, and so forth. An industry-leading rechargeable lithium battery lasts six months on a single charge (based on 2 hours of non-stop use per day).

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