Arrange All Your Apple Cables & Adapters With $12 Travel Case

If I had to count all the time I wasted digging around in a bag to find the right charging cable, dongle, or wall adapter, the total might end up being several days. Seriously. If that sounds familiar, maybe it’s time we both invested in this Zero Grid Travel Electronics Organizer, which falls at Amazon from $16.19 to $11.95 with VGR85KUN coupon code.

This is better than any other deal we have seen before for this particular product. It’s going to ship with Amazon Prime for free.

This well-rated organizer is fully customizable, enabling you to manage your tech, cords, gadgets, microSD cards, dongles, snacks, cartridges for video games, flash drives, and all the other nonsense you juggle around every day. The zippered pouch also helps corral smaller items, so you can still keep them around if they don’t fit in the mesh pockets.

The fabric is durable and resists tearing and liquid, so your stuff will remain protected, and the bag fits easily into any other bag or suitcase, meaning it will not interfere with your daily routine.

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