Apple’s Official iPhone XS/Max Case On Sale!

Remarkable discounts on previous generation accessories come with new iPhones, and Amazon is doing just that with remarkable overall markdowns. At new or near Amazon all-time lows, you can pick up a number of iPhone XS and XS Max cases.

Headlining is the official silicone iPhone XS Max case for $23.85. You would typically expect most retailers to spend $39. This is Amazon’s second-best offer we’ve tracked so far and nearly 50% off. Official leather cases are also on sale starting at $30 at this time with several shades being discounted. Apple charges $49 here originally. Apple’s leather cases, in particular, are loved overtime for their patina developed.

There are also discounts for iPhone XS users, though not as strong as the previous lead deals. Official silicone cases from Apple are on sale from $31, down from the usual price tag of $39. Also, leather cases from $39 are discounted. Usually, these cases sell for $49.

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