Apple AirPods Currently Available On Sale At Discounted Price, Starting From $115

Apple AirPods

Amazon was on a roll recently after a long dry spell at the beginning of the year that saw no decent deals anywhere in the famous AirPods Pro earphones. No other manufacturer has offered nearly so many discounts on brand new AirPods Pro, though some recent offers have been presented for renewed earphones. All these deals have now been completed, and all that is left is Amazon’s cut that slashes brand new AirPods Pro down to a low all-time Black Friday level. Many versions of AirPods are on sale too, and here we will take all your options.

Also, the hottest headphones were Apple’s first cordless earbuds with active noise cancelation before the holidays. During the most holidays last year, they were not even discounted, and yet they flew off the racks both online and in stores. Amazon lowered the price of the brand new AirPods Pro to $234 to its best price during Black Friday and Cyber Week. They have returned to the sale today at that all-time low level.

The only thing that can be noticed is that AirPods Pro has a very limited stock now, so they will definitely be listed again on Amazon as “temporarily out of stock,” although they are in stock and available for free Prime shipping since then. When this eventually happens, it just means new orders are not going to ship immediately. How are they to be obtained when they are out of stock? In a week or two we usually say, but AirPods Pro has been shipping much faster than usual lately. We suppose you will have them in your hands in a week if you order them today.

There are a bunch of further AirPods deals on Amazon right now with even deeper discounts if you don’t care about noise cancellation or sound isolation for silicon ear tips. Among them, Amazon’s new all-time low on AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case must be the hottest deal. You can get $169 rather than $199, but you’re only going to pay $115 if you pick up a renewed model today. This is a huge discount of $85, and you can promise that it will look and operate as new, or you can return it for a full refund within 90 days.

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