Apple Watch Original Sport Loop Band Drops To $22

Usually, it’s a pretty expensive endeavor to restyle your Apple Watch with official Apple Watch bands, but thanks to Amazon’s limited time discount, you can save more than 50 percent on the official 44 mm Apple Watch Sport Loop Band’s selected styles while supplies last. The official 40 mm Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band is also available for sale at $85.

Apple’s Apple Watch Sport Loop Band is on sale as low as $22.52 in Hibiscus, whereas the Indigo version is just $23.52 higher. Both options offer a stellar discount of more than 50 percent off the $49 regular cost, and it’s also the lowest on Amazon that either of them has ever achieved. This band’s only 44 mm models are currently being discounted, although they are compatible with all 44 mm or 42 mm Apple Watch series.

The Sport Loop Band is soft, breathable and lightweight. Its double-layer nylon weave features dense inside loops like a cushion that keeps your skin comfortable while allowing the escape of moisture. That means when you’re out in the sun, they’re perfect for exercising or even wearing. To make it easy to adjust on your wrist, there’s a hook-and-loop fastener, and since the attachment loops are seriously durable, you won’t have to worry about breaking them off just from daily wear and tear.

The $85 Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band on sale is also a lot, especially if you’re on a 40 mm band hunt instead of a 44 mm model like the ones above. To bring it to this price, you should see an additional discount added at checkout. Only the Silver model is currently on sale, although other models such as this Gold Milanese Loop Band can be picked up for $99.

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