Apple’s great special event in September has come to an end and we saw almost exactly what we expected to announce. The arrival of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE were two of the major updates. So how do they compare with the Apple Watch Series 5? As you would like, the Apple Watch Series 6 is all about the Apple Watch Series 5, but better and with more features.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Series 5 Vs SE

The Apple Watch SE is much like the Apple Watch Series 5, but with a few essential features that have been omitted for money savings. In short, there is no always-on display and important ECG functionality was also removed.

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As far as Apple Watch Series 6 is concerned, we get the same features from the popular Apple Watch Series 5. The new S6 SiP is even more powerful inside than the S5 last year, making the apps run faster and the whole watch more responsive. For the first time, a blood oxygen sensor is also included. That could be enormous for people susceptible to low levels of oxygen.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch Series 6 resembles the Apple Watch Series 5. The 32 GB capacity is the same – the same is true for the Apple Watch SE – and the connectivity level is the same. The only real reason to upgrade if you own Apple Watch Series 5 is the blood Oxygen Sensor.

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