Apple HomeKit Enabled Wemo Mini Smart Plug On Sale For Just $17, Typically $35

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

The smart Wemo Mini plug is Amazon’s $16.99 deal today. The plug usually costs up to $25, and for most of the holidays, it sold for about $20. This deal today is only going to last until the end of the day.

The Wemo Mini is among the best smart plugs because when you attach everything it takes very little set-up and very little maintenance. And connecting is also very convenient because the plug needs no hub or other external equipment to connect to the Wi-Fi and to synchronize with your smart home. Only download a free iOS or Android Wemo application.

You can use voice commands to control these plugs with a smart home such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. That’s especially useful for lighting since you can only say “Alexa, turn the light on the bedroom” and don’t have to switch on when the plug is connecting to your smart home. Think of being able to “turn on kitchen lights” and stop putting the bag down so you can see where you are going? Imagine you can have your hands filled with food.

These¬†smart plugs also live up to the name Mini. The form factor is so small that two plugs can be mounted without interruption on the same outlet. Use the application to plan the plug so that they can be turned off when you leave or come home. You can even randomize lights with the ‘Away¬†mode’ so it looks like people’s flipping switches are still jumping about even while you are gone.

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