Apple Health Compatible Withings Sleep Tracking Pad For Mattress Available On Sale For $79

Withings Sleep-min

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is sold by Amazon for $79.80. That is 20 percent off the usual rate and is 5 dollars below the lowest price that we have recorded. It is easy to overlook a much simpler option such as this Withings monitoring pad with a wide number of apps and wearables. The Withings Health Mate app connects to Apple Health and records data automatically so that you can monitor whether you need or want to see whether you are in need. Apple Health Mate uses your own app, which allows it to keep tabs on “sleep cycles, pulse rates, snoring and breathing disorder.” 4.1/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

MONITOR YOUR SLEEP – Delivers sleep cycles, tracks heart rate, detects snoring and breathing disturbances. Algorithms used to analyze the data have been validated with a team of sleep experts.

BREATHING DISTURBANCES – Sleep can now detect breathing disturbances. While some pauses during sleep are normal, if they occur too often they might be a potential sign of a chronic condition such as sleep apnea. ; Wi-Fi : 2.4 GHz b/g/n , WEP/WPA/WPA2

LEARN WHAT MATTERS – Wake to a daily Sleep Score to understand what makes a good night’s sleep and how you can improve.

ENHANCE SLEEP ENVIRONMENT – Sleep is a sensor that can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat, and more.

AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION – Easy one-time setup under the mattress makes Sleep fit seamlessly into your life. Wake to all data in the app via Wi-Fi.

“ALEXA, ASK WITHINGS” – Now your voice can help you manage your health with an Alexa Skill that works with Withings Health Mate.

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