Apple AirPods Are Incomparable To Ordinary Wireless Earbuds in Every Factor, Currently On Sale For $129

Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

It is always welcome to save any kind of money on premium equipment. So we had to share it with everyone when we saw that the AirPods with Charging Case now have $30 off their usual $159 rate.

The AirPods with Charging Case features the iconic design which Starbucks and people who travel by metro have all come to love. They fit almost any type of ear, and as these AirPods have no in-ear style, they will prove to be more convenient to most of the users.

Inside, you will find the H1 chip that handles all that happens to the AirPod. This includes ultra-fast pairing when you start using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Compared with the first generation AirPods, solid range and connectivity is something you can definitely expect here. Last but not least, with a single charge you will receive five hours of listening, and this number is taken 24 hours thanks to the charging case.

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