Apple AirPods 2 is The Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Get To Your iPhone At $115

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I didn’t expect to happen, but Prime Day finally made me convert AirPods. While I’ve always been jealous of my colleagues and friends who have their AirPods in their ears each time we meet, I have always resisted the need to purchase a pair myself. After all, the price difference is always made up of so many great wireless earbuds, cheaper than AirPods, and even without adding all the functionality of Apple’s headphones. That’s not the case now.

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For $44 less than the regular price, there was no denying the value AirPods brings to my life because I’m an Apple user. The simplicity of paring and changing devices for the H1 chip offers is just not possible on any other earbuds, from working the entire day on my Mac to making calls on my iPhone while I’m cleaning around the house to going for a run with my preferred styles on my Apple Watch. I’m a “Hey Siri” not to say anything, not to send a word, set a timer, enter my calendar appointment or anything else I’m required to perform. It really is the feeling of complete freedom of audio.

I’m also looking forward to the AirPods microphones. As someone that has tried various wireless earbuds with integrated microphones for video conferencing and calls, I can tell you that there are no other wireless earbuds that match the AirPods’ performance. I’m excited to be able to hear my colleagues better and better at our weekly meetings.

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