Anker Powerhouse 57600mAh Portable Generator Drops To All Time Low On Amazon

Camping is fun, but sometimes it’s just not cut off by “roughing it.” Enter the powerhouse of the Anker. This powerful gadget will transform the way you enjoy the outdoors, and today, when you use LABOR172 code while checking out, you can snag it at $110 off its regular cost at Amazon. Now at $239.99, this is the best price we’ve ever seen reaching this portable generator, just dropping to $300 in mid-July.

The Powerhouse 200 is a generator that is rechargeable, clean and quiet. It can charge MacBook Pro 5+ time, an iPhone 12+ time, or run small appliances such as a coffee machine or mini-fridge. It will quickly, efficiently and safely top off your batteries. Using USB-C Power Delivery, a wall charger or an AC power adapter, the generator itself can be charged. You could even use solar power to recharge it. It’s super versatile, basically. Anker includes an 18-month purchase warranty.

Stop this generator for unexpected emergencies in your go-bag. Blog in a park without worrying where your laptop will be charged. Go hiking and turn on your phone. This gadget is going to have your back.

The EasyAcc 10000mAh Power Bank could do the trick for $20 if you want to keep your batteries happy but don’t need something this heavy-duty.

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