Last Call: Anker Black Friday 2020 Sale Offers Up To 35% OFF On Various Apple Accessories

Anker Black Friday Sale

Now is the time to start shopping for holiday gifts with all the Black Friday deals that are live at different retailers. Anker tech accessories at Amazon are the one sales that all should check out. This selling is one of the affordable ways to get your hands on premium accessories with prices as low as $6, which is useful for almost anyone with a phone or tablet.

Although the sale today on Anker’s tech accessories is not big, some of the best Anker products are packaged. Whether you need a new portable charger, a wireless charging stand, batteries, or something else, here are some of Black Friday’s best offers for these devices.

The Best iPhone Accessories Black Friday Deal From $0.99

It can be extremely useful for those who always find their phone or tablet running low on battery, to keep a portable battery charger around. Amazon now offers the PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger for just $22.39 and saves you almost $15 from its regular price.

In the meantime, the deal with the Anker 10W PowerWave Wireless Charging Stand offers 30 percent off its normal pricing if you are concerned about charging your phone at home rather than on-site. So you can snack one for only $13.99, while the last supplies are available. It is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, although Aukey does not include an AC adapter when purchased. Fortunately, there are some options in the sale which can be added separately to your order.

The Best Apple Watch Band To Gift Someone This Holiday Season

The 45W PowerPort Atom III USB-C Charger is one USB charger on sale today. You will save $14 off the regular price of only $23.99. Whereas a single USB-C port is available to charge your devices, other USB chargers are available for sale and include more ports if you need to power up more at once. Anker’s PowerPort Strip 2 Mini has two USB-A ports and two AC outlets for $13.99. This will reduce your regular costs by 30 percent.

Be sure to check out all the Anker accessories on sale today for a better look.

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