Android & iOS Smartphone Compatible DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope Camera Currently On Sale For $30

DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope

The Wireless Borescope Camera Depstech WF010 is among our most popular smartphone accessories and most people know it as a crazy wireless camera that lets your smartphone see virtually anything inside. The smart design helps you to snake in narrow spaces and send a clear picture back to your smartphone, but also other accessories. There is also a hook and a magnet, in addition to a mirror that can be seen around the corners, to help you get lost objects like jewelry from sink pipes or keys in tight areas.

Click the Amazon coupon and you can get one right now for $29.59, which is less than $1 of this model’s all-time low price! Over the years, 10 000 of our readers have purchased this model; and we can not even count how many e-mails we have received from lovers.

There is another deal on Depstech WF060 Wireless Borescope if you want an even better model, a great upgrade. The camera has 5 MP instead of 2 MP, and you can zoom in with the cool smartphone app. It also measures 16.5 feet compared with 11.5 feet and you cut the coupon on the product page to drop the price to $57.99.

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