Amazon’s Latest Kindle Available On Sale With 20% Off Today

All-new Kindle

Have you got a summer reading list that is beginning to be developed? Did you have one for a few years now? Pick some fantastic books and save 20% with an e-reader from Amazon Kindle! The latest Amazon Kindle in black and white today is $64.99. The price of this edition is $25 off and is really closer to 30% off. If you plan to read hard, pick up the Kindle without any extra costs with three months of Kindle Unlimited. (Add an additional $15 if you don’t really want the section on special offers but it’s still $30 off its normal cost.)

Would you like an upgrade? Get the latest Kindle Paperwhite for $99.99 on sale. That’s $30 off the price. Remove the $20 additional Special Offers section. Only black Paperwhite is available for this sale. The other colors are available for sale but only for less. For example, the Plum version is down to $104.99. Just another $5 and still a decent deal price. The 32 GB version is available, for $124.99 (or $130 for non-black versions) at $160.

Amazon updated the regular Kindle to contain a new front light. You can essentially pick up the device and start reading regardless of the situation with the glare-free display and this new light. Read on the couch indoors, outdoors on the yard, day, night, rain, or wherever you want.

It also has many other features. You can highlight texts, search words that you don’t know, translate, or change the text size. You’ll, of course, have access to the entire Book Library that includes journals and audiobooks from Amazon. Register with Audible and listen to a pair of wireless earbuds.

The Kindle Paperwhite offers several significant upgrades for just $35 additional. It’s waterproof for one thing. Take it to the pool or get caught without a worry in the rain. It also starts twice as much as the usual Kindle with 8 GB instead of 4 GB, you can update to 32 GB.

Both units have week-long batteries and allow you to use advanced features such as lighting or Bluetooth without being too quick to drain them. Choose your favorite and read.

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