Amazon offers iPhone 15 lineup for free!

Amazon is currently offering the iPhone 15 lineup for free when you make a purchase. When you proceed to checkout, you will see a total cost of $0 for the phone itself, excluding taxes on the full retail price and any applicable shipping charges. This means you won’t have to pay anything upfront for the iPhone 15 model of your choice.

After completing your checkout, Boost Infinite will collect a $60 activation fee. It’s important to note that this fee will be credited against your first month’s wireless service bill. Essentially, this means that you are not required to pay the activation fee separately; it will be applied to your initial month of service with Boost Infinite.

To take advantage of this offer and get the iPhone 15 for free, you will need to subscribe to the Boost Infinite plan, which starts at $60 per month. This plan offers unlimited wireless service, ensuring that you have access to data, talk, and text without any limitations.

One notable feature of this deal is that you do not need to trade in any existing device to qualify for the free iPhone 15. This means you can upgrade to the latest iPhone model without having to give up your current device.

In order to benefit from this offer, you must activate and finance your iPhone 15 through Boost Infinite. This financing arrangement ensures that you can enjoy the latest iPhone model every year without a significant upfront cost.

Overall, this Amazon offer provides a cost-effective way to acquire the iPhone 15, with the ability to spread the cost of the device over your monthly wireless service plan.

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