Amazon Offers $50 Off On 1 Year Audible Subscription

Amazon Audible

Audible provides Prime Members with a 1-year subscription + 12 Premium Title Credits for a low of $99.50. Save this Early Prime Day deal for $50 off. Finishes 10/14. Audible discounts rarely available, we often only see additional book credits.

Audible provides a 30-day free trial of audible membership if you want to make a free trial first. Prime Members receive an additional two audiobooks to follow Premium Plus Trial.


After the trial membership, Premium Plus Subscription will automatically be renewed at $7.95/M, or $14.95/Month and you may cancel at any time. With Premium Plus, even if you cancel, you keep all of the books you get every month. One great advantage is that while you are a member, you can exchange books for any reason.

We love Audible because when you don’t have the time it’s a great way to “read.” Listen to it, work out, or sneak while you listen passively.

Audible offers over 180,000 titles in its library, with or without an active membership of any title you select. Their app is compatible with most smart devices and receives more than 135,000 IOS and Android 5-star ratings.

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