Amazon Brings Apple Watch Series 3 & 5 Deals Back On Sale At Amazon, Starts From $189

Apple Watch Series 3

Do you remember how insane it was when Apple was the world’s leading smartphone provider, despite selling only one smartphone model for a period? In fact, Apple is still profiting more from iPhone sales than any other smartphone manufacturer. However, what could be even more remarkable is what Apple did with the Apple Watch.

When it was still the butt of every joke, Apple entered the Smartwatch Space. On the market smartwatches were ugly and clunky devices, and they didn’t work well at all. Of course, when it first debuted, the Apple Watch was a fresh breath and quickly became one of the best-selling watches in the world. Apple has recently announced that quarterly sales of Apple Watch exceeded all conventional watch brands.

The most striking thing about Apple is how affordable Apple Watch models compare with Swiss watchmaker watches. And now you’re going to pay even less than you normally would if you headed to Amazon. Models from Apple Watch Series 5 and 3 are now on sale at great prices, with discounts up to $50 available.

You are already running out of time from the Apple Watch Series 3 because several different options have been sold out. Click around to view the various models still available, but prices begin at only $189.

It’s a big upgrade to Apple Watch Series 5 and you will find large discounts at Amazon today. The Apple Watch Series 5 entry-level with GPS is off $50 in a number of color and size options and drops the entry price down to just $349. With a large new and always-on display you’ll love so many features from Apple’s waterproof watch, it’s the right time to buy one and save some cash.

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