Discounted Amazon Basics 100W Four-Port GaN Wall Charger Can Refuel 4 Device At The Same Time

Amazon Basics 100W Four-Port GaN Wall Charger

The Amazon Basics 100W 4-Port GaN Wall Charger is on sale at Amazon for $43.31. That’s a savings of $17 over the going rate, and it’s a $3 discount over the previous low. If you’ve been looking for a multifunctional USB-C adapter, Amazon will help. This model has two Type-C ports (65 and 18 watts) as well as two USB-A outputs (17 watts). When all ports are active, the total power output is 100 watts. The outlet prongs fold in to make this device easier to carry in your backpack, much like Apple’s MacBook chargers. 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Amazon Basics  Charger comes with 2 USB-C ports (60-watt and 18-watt) and 2 USB-A ports (17-watt) which charges two USB-C activated computers (including a laptop) and two smartphones simultaneously.

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As compared to silicon, GaN components waste less power and emit less heat, resulting in a more effective charge. Thanks to revolutionary GaN technology, it’s compact but mighty; the design includes a foldable plug for easy portability.

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To keep connected devices secured, over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit safety are built-in. The charger’s blue LED indicator illuminates when plugged into a power socket, making it easy to find the charging port in the dark.

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