iPhone: Amazon is Offering 30 Days Audible For Free

Amazon Audible

Audible offers an audible 30-day free trial for new users. Prime members receive an additional 2 audiobooks to match Premium Plus Trial.

After Trial membership, you will automatically renew at $7.95/mo for Plus or $14.95/month for Premium Plus Subscription and may cancel at any time. With Premium Plus, even if you cancel, you keep all your books every month. One great advantage is that while you are a member, you can exchange books for any reason. Sometimes we use these promotions to rejoin and we do not want to exchange books.

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We love Audible because when you don’t have time, it’s a great way to read.” Listen to it as you travel, work out, or sneak it while listening passively.

More than 180,000 titles are offered in Audible’s library and all titles you choose must be kept with or without an active membership. Their app has been given over 135,000 5 Star rated values on IOS and Android and is compatible with most smart devices.

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