Always Be Ready To Backup Extra Storage To Your MacBook & iPad Pro With $81 SanDisk 500GB Extreme Portable External SSD

SanDisk 500GB Extreme Portable External SSD

Amazon ships SanDisk 500 GB Extreme Portable USB-C SSD for $81.77. This is the best we saw in nine months on Amazon. Noteworthy features in this section are USB-C connectivity with up to 550 MB/s transmission speed and robust and waterproof design. Includes a 3-year purchase assurance. The perfect partner for MacBooks, iMacs, iPad Pro, and Chromebooks. 4.7/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

High-speed transfers with up to 550MB/s read speeds let you move hi-res photos and videos fast (Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on drive capacity, host device, OS and application.)

Ruggedized, water- and dust-resistant (IP55-rated) (IEC 60529 IP55: Tested to withstand water flow (30 kPa) at 3 min.; limited dust contact does not interfere with operation. Must be clean and dry before use.)

Shock-resistant solid-state core for greater durability (Shock-resistant (up to 1500G) and vibration-resistant (5g RMS, 10-2000 HZ), Non-Operating Temperature(from ‐20°C to 70°C), operating temperature (from 0°C to 45°C))

Compact and pocket-sized

For PC and Mac users

Built by SanDisk, a technology leader and pioneer of the modern-day SSD, to deliver superior performance

3-year limited manufacturer warranty

Order with your Alexa enabled device. Just ask “Alexa, order SanDisk External SSD.”

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