All Apple AirPods Model Back On Sale At Amazon With Huge Price Cut

Apple AirPods Deals

The masks of Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 are indeed extremely popular right now, but behind them are close models. Now the former just received an extra reduction for anyone who considered a couple but hesitated to pull the trigger.

The Apple AirPods Pro are by far the best earbuds ever made by Apple, and they are the most pricey earbuds ever produced by Apple. The additional money will bring you a new, compact design and an active noise cancelation feature, which will not be found in other AirPods. Apple charges $249 to them, but the discount on Amazon that lowers them to the new lower price of $229.99 now is bigger than normal.

Apple’s Wireless Charging Case AirPods 2 are still available at an Amazon discount now as well. If you order it from Apple, it will cost you $199, but for just $169 Amazon offers the exactly same true wireless earbuds. This is an excellent deal, but some people may still be too expensive. For them, we are looking at the $159 AirPods 2, which is now only a $139 Amazon, with a regular Lightning case.

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