Add Alexa To Any Room With $25 Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker

_Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $0.99-min

Recently Amazon has devoted most of its attention to non-essential products in order to free up the capacity to supply hospitals and local authorities with medical supplies. Naturally, the company has not completely evaded non-essential products. In particular, Amazon devices have seen great discounts over the past few months, with a new major sale coming up each week.

Amazon’s Echo speakers and the Echo Show went on sale last week with some great deep discounts. The Echo was an especially good buy as it was available at its lowest cost ever, with discounts of up to $50. Amazon’s popular Echo Dot deal was not so good however because it had only a $10 discount for most of the week.

All these deals are over now, which is a bummer if you miss them. However, it turns out that the missing seller is a disguised blessing if you are looking at a few new Echo Dot speakers. While the deals last week are indeed long gone, Amazon only snuck a bunch of Certified Smart Speakers Echo Dot back in stock and they are only on sale for $24.99, with three color options available at the moment.

You can actually obtain brand new dots at the same price if you are interested in two Echo Dots smart speakers instead of just one. Just add a couple to your cart and use the DOT2PACK coupon code at the checkout, and snag the couple for a total of $49.99.

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