This Top Rated Silicone Cover Case Provides Safety & Style To Your AirPods At $10.59

AIRSPO AirPods Silicone Cover

For now, you can pick up this popular AIRSPO AirPods Silicone Cover today at Amazon for $10.59(previously sold for $11.99). With today’s offer, you save 15 percent directly which is almost equal to $2.

The case matches the Apple AirPods Pro charging case exactly (Front LED is visible). Precision molded for quick on and off, power butter place, and improved hinge design make it more user-friendly.

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Every pattern on an AIRSPO case is one-of-a-kind and trendy, created by our designer in a matter of weeks. The patterns on the AirPods pro case were created using advanced thermal transfer technology, which is resistant to fading and rubbing off.

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The soft silicone material is very durable and functional, providing complete protection against cuts, scrapes, and bumps. When not in use, the dustproof plug keeps the charging port clean. Carrying your charging case is now simpler than ever thanks to the keychain feature and free carabiner.

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