Discounted Aibocn 13000mAh USB C Power Bank Fast Charge Your iPhone 3X Faster Than Normal Power Bank, $13 Only

Aibocn Portable 13000mAh USB C Power Bank

Amazon is offering Aibocn 13000mAh USB C Power Bank for $13 when the discount code 857BFKX3 is used at the checkout. Usually, $26, the offer today saves 50 percent off the regular cost.

The multifunctional Aibocn 13000mAh Power Bank ensures total security for you and your devices, charging the iPhone 8 nearly four times and the Galaxy S8 three times.

For charging your power bank, the 8-Pin and USB-C port double select, meaning you only take one cable if you are outside for your 8-Pin or USB-C devices. 5V/2A (3A MAX) high-speed loading is double (thrice) as fast as 5V/1A input, reducing recharging time by 50% – 60%.

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Portable aluminum alloy Anti-fingerprint phone charger design, no war, broken by Fell to the ground.

The digital LED display in the portable phone charger can display the remaining power precisely. Allow you to fully control the capacity from 100 to 1 and charge in time.

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