Add Wireless Smartphone Charging Feature To Your Car With Discounted iOttie Wireless Car Charger

The very popular iOttie smartphone clamp with Qi-based wireless charging is currently at its lowest price in this month. You can take this highly rated in-vehicle product for only $49.99, probably for a limited period.

We do not want to know how much money people spend annually on car mounts and car chargers. Many people decide to have a very low price mount only to find that it does not stick to the surface very well or that the clamp is not very robust, which, in turn, allows the phone to move around and eventually fall off while in transit. What you should do is spend a little more and do it correctly.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger-min

And yes, you guessed, this iOttie is what we were supposed to do right. It features an auto-sensing functionality that can detect movement and open and close the mount automatically to ensure that the device is securely clamped. No longer to try and open the mount on one hand and insert the device on the other. It also offers adjustable viewing with a new telescopic arm that extends and pivots for perfect positioning.

Besides easy clamping and the security of your device, you also get wireless charging through the Qi standard. Just make sure the iOttie charger has power, and when you mount your compatible device, it will also be charged at the same time as being stored securely. One product, two problems solved, all low cost. What more can you ask?

Safeguarding your smartphone and making sure it is charged enough are two huge problems when many people are in the car. This product solves both these problems in one go and does so without the full price you have to pay.

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