Add Petcube Pet Camera To Your Home Home For $36

[New 2020] Pet Camera

If you are a parent of your dog or cat, you probably have considered having a pet camera so that you can watch your fuzzy kids as you are away from home. However, pet cams are expensive; some cost $200, too much to spend to watch your beagle nap on the sofa all afternoon. The brand-new Petcube is a $40 pet cam and I’ve now got an exclusive deal for another 10 percent off. You can get Petcube only for $36 when you use the 10CNETCAM promotional code at checkout.

For a few weeks, I have been using the Petcube and it is different than many other indoor monitoring cameras – particularly those designed to keep an eye on pets. It is ridiculously small and lightweight for starters, and super easy to fit into something without drilling. It is, as the name suggests, a cube with a power adapter USB-C AC and a small measurement of 2 inches per side. It sits on a rotating, magnet-based U-bracket. It will sit on a shelf or table, or you can put the included metal plug on a wall or hang it below a shelf magnetically.

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Once set up, the 1080p camera can be used to check-in from the mobile app. It has a large 110-degree camera and a visual mode for the night, and you can zoom, record video, and discuss the two-way audio with your creator.

This is all pretty standard fare for a pet cam, but the integrated vet chat was not what I expected. You can talk to a real veterinarian online to see if a doctor’s visit is needed to deal with health concerns, rather than walking to a veterinary and paying just $100 to walk in with a cat carrier. You get a free consultation, but you have to pay $5 a month to use your veterinary chat regularly. In terms of subscriptions, you can sign up for the usual series of video recordings, video history, and smart alerts (in which barks, meows, and human voices can be heard) for $4 a month.

Keep in mind, of course, that this is a 40 dollar pet cam, and so you have to calm your expectations. I found the video to be slow to connect and the HD video is good, but not great. But I can only think that the $25 Wyze cam is the cheapest, and while near to the features of the Petcube, it includes no vet chat option, pet-centered smart alerts, or extended cloud recording.

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I suggest Petcube — and 10 percent off code should work on Oct. 6 if you want a cheap way to keep your pet connected.

Product Highlights:

1080p HD VIDEO WITH 30-FEET NIGHT VISION: With Petcube Cam Wi-Fi pet camera, check on your pet and home security anytime with full HD live streaming video, 110° wide-angle view, and clear night vision. See up close with 8x zoom for details.

BUILT-IN LIVE VET CHAT: If you capture any suspicious pet behavior, consult a professional vet 24/7 to see if your pet needs a clinic visit by simply starting a chat from the Petcube app.

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INSTANT SOUND & MOTION ALERTS: Get notified of any activity at home with real-time alerts. When the Petcube Cam security camera detects any abnormalities, an instant push notification is sent to your phone.

SMOOTH TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: Speak to your pets and hear them bark or meow back. Tell them you love them or tell them to stop if you catch them at mischief.

QUICK 1-MINUTE SET-UP: Get your Petcube Cam pet camera up and running in under 60 seconds. Cam is only compatible with the 2.4GHz WiFi network (does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi)

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