Add Extra Battery Life To Your iPhone 7/8 With Discounted Apple’s Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case (for iPhone 7)

This is a nice drop on the extended battery life from our guide to the best iPhone 7/8 cases, down to $70 from $80. This Amazon deal covers all three colors of the case. In our tests, we found that the Apple iPhone 8/7 Smart Battery cases provided the depleted iPhone 7 and 8 models with a charge of between 93 percent and 95 percent, and because Apple does this, it offers certain advantages over options offered by third parties, including the ability to display the current charge level at your lock screen. If you are an iPhone 7/8 owner at this point, you almost surely need a battery case, so this is a great chance to save.

Product Highlights:

The Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 gives you extra battery life with the look and protection of an Apple-designed case.

Combined with the Smart Battery Case, iPhone 7 provides up to 22 hours of battery life for browsing the web, up to 24 hours of watching HD video, and 26 hours of talk time.

The Smart Battery Case also works intelligently with your iPhone to charge simultaneously when you’re plugged in, so both case and iPhone will have more than enough battery life to get you through the day, and then some.

The soft elastomer hinge and one-piece design make it easy to put the case on and take it off. You can even connect it to any Lightning accessory, such as the Lightning Dock. And iOS 10 or later allows you to see the battery status of your iPhone 7, your Smart Battery Case, and even your Apple Watch, all in one place.

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