6ft AUKEY USB C To USB C Cable For iPad & MacBook Drops To $5


You should consider getting a few Aukey charging cables in Amazon in place prior to expending more than $10 for a good charging cable in a retail store, or a few bucks for a less than decent one, which will soon end working. These well-tested cables are usually more inexpensive than the cable with the same rating in other retailers and when available, they can be picked up at rates that even hit poorly made cheap cables.

You can now use the L3GO484S code to collect one of Aukey’s 6.6-foot USB-C cables for $4.89. It saves you 30% instantly and is one of Amazon’s cheapest ways to take a reliable USB-C cable today.

This cable provides transmission speeds up to 480Mbps and a life of more than 5,000 bends. It’s pretty handy to have this long cable because when you try to use your device and load it at a time, you will not have to stay so close to your power source. A two-year warranty with a 45-day cash back guarantee is given to Aukey if you are not happy with the product.

At Amazon, over 75 customers left the USB-C cable for review resulting in a 4.6 of 5-star rating.

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