Pickup This Discounted UV Light Sanitizer Laptop Lamp For Your MacBook At Best Price

UV Light Sanitizer

Amazon is offering 59S UV Light Sanitizer for $20 with a discount code SAU4J6RC at the checkout. Usually selling for $43, you save a good amount here.

The 59s UV light sanitizer designed as a lamp provides a wider range of sterilization than other traditional UV sanitizers. Switch between disinfection (260-280 nm wavelength) and lighting (4000 K warm light).

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4 timers for disinfection, 5/10/30/60 min. By pressing one button, it’s easy to change different timers. Manage daily planning while 59S UV light disinfects.

A body sensor, detection of the human body at 0,5-1,5 m, in the middle of LED beads. 59S UV light sanitizer stops automatically sterilizing when someone approaches. It starts to sterilize and time when no one is around.

Built-in overheat protection automatically reduces the power consumption of the product when used frequently. On the side, the 59S UV light sanitizer works only when the child is locked, preventing UVC injuries due to malfunction or an accidental touch.

Pocket size, 15 * 2.78 * 7, “can be easily placed in a handbag or pocket. The flexible gooseneck helps to reduce space consumption at will. USB interface, convenient for connecting a power supply, power bank/USB charger/USB port, keeps you safe wherever you are.

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