Deals: 5 Pack Of MFi Certified Braided Lightning Cables For $7

The 5-pack of Idison MFi-Certified Braided Lightning Cables costs $7.37 on Amazon or about $1.47 per item. At checkout, you immediately save 54% off the original price without having to enter a special coupon code.

You may charge comfortably wherever you are on the sofa, in bed, in the backseat of a car, or at home with 5 sets of Apple Certified charging lightning cords in varying lengths for various application scenarios.

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This charging cable is more durable and long-lasting than standard charging cables because of its anodized aluminum construction and braided nylon fiber jacket. It is sturdy, less likely to tangle, and convenient to handle thanks to the braided finish. It looks wonderful and feels amazing. Fast charging cuts the charging time in half with a 2.4 A output. It is guaranteed to function perfectly, precisely, connect, and be compatible.

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Original device cables have a bend lifespan of 5000+ bends, which is up to three times longer. Connections made of aluminum alloys have properties that make them heat- and corrosion-resistant. Because of its large wire diameter and low cord resistance, utilizing an IDISON cable is one of the quickest ways to charge your smartphone.

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