$22 Oittm Charging Stand is Perfect To Charge iOS Device & Apple Watch Together

The Oittm Charging Stand for iOS devices and Apple Watch may be designed to charge iOS devices such as the latest iPhone models and the Apple Watch Series 5, though its three built-in USB ports can provide much more power. While selling at Amazon on a regular basis for around $36, today you can pick one up for just $21.59 by clipping the coupon on its product page and entering V3T26P8N promo code during checkout. That saves you almost $15 off its usual cost and marks one of the lowest prices that this product has ever been reached. This deal applies to each of the three colors available in this booth, including Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold.

This well-reviewed 5-in-1 stand features a lightning port for your iOS device, a display and charging spot for your Apple Watch, and three USB ports to power up other gear. While charging your devices is made, it does not have the ability to provide them with power on their own. In order to start charging, you will have to attach your own Lightning cable and Apple Watch magnetic charging cable. Fortunately, inside there is room for cable management where you can hide those and keep your desk up-to-date.

The versatility of this charging stand is another great feature. It is compatible with any Lightning port iPhone, as well as tablets such as the iPad mini. Similarly, from the original to the latest Series 5, you can charge any Apple Watch series with it. With the three additional USB ports on the back, with this single stand, you will be able to power up to five devices all at once.

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