$20 Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker is a Great iPhone Accessories For Home, Outdoor, Travel & More

Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker

It’s time to celebrate as Apple has already unveiled the iPhone 12 lineup. If you are planning to get one then the first thing you want is a good Bluetooth speaker. Amazon is offering Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker for just $20 with an on-page coupon. This speaker is very portable, has a breathtaking 12W sound, it’s waterproof, easy pair, and all-day battery life.

Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker-min

Product Highlights:

Punches Above its Weight: You wouldn’t normally expect a huge amount of sound from such a small audio device, but the XSound Surf Bluetooth speaker is sure to be a pleasant surprise. On every track, you’ll be able to hear the full, natural sound and impressively low bass. Whatever music you like, everyone is sure to enjoy the XSound Surf Bluetooth speaker’s high-quality audio.

Cutting-Edge Bluetooth 5.0: If you thought the old Bluetooth was fast, wait until you try the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology. What’s so good about it? How about 2x faster transmission speeds and more stable connectivity with no signal loss or dropouts? You can even still get a signal an amazing 100ft away! No more cutouts during listening. If you’re doing chores around the house or don’t have your phone on you, it doesn’t matter – the signal will follow you everywhere!

Completely Waterproof: There’s nothing better than going for a swim with your favorite tunes in your ears. From swimming laps to dodging raindrops, we’ve got you covered with the IPX7 waterproofing to seal out moisture. You can go to the beach, in the shower, or anywhere where it’s a little bit wet and not worry at all!

Wireless Stereo Pairing: Double up and pair two XSound Surf speakers together. It’s super simple to connect another XSound Surf Bluetooth speaker to create a true surround sound experience. Great for a party or for when you’re watching a movie!

Improved Battery Life: Leave the house knowing your battery will stay charged for a long time, no matter what the day holds in store! XSound Surf portable Bluetooth speaker comes equipped with an ultra-powerful battery that will power your pump-up sessions all day and all night. Charge up, head out, and jam out!

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