$20 ESR’s answer to the Apple Pencil can also detect tilt and reject palm pressure!

Amazon currently offers the ESR Stylus Pen for iPad at a discounted price of $20, down from its regular price of $29. This stylus pen is designed to enhance your iPad experience with a range of features that cater to various iPad models, including the iPad Pro 12.9/11, iPad Air 5/4, iPad Mini 6, and iPad 10th/9th/8th Generation, ensuring broad compatibility.

One noteworthy feature of the ESR Stylus Pen is its tilt sensitivity, which allows for a more natural and precise writing or drawing experience. This sensitivity enables the pen to recognize subtle changes in the angle of the stylus, providing a dynamic range of strokes and shading options. For artists, note-takers, or anyone using their iPad for creative purposes, this tilt sensitivity can significantly enhance the overall usability of the stylus.

Additionally, the stylus incorporates palm-rejection technology, preventing unintended touches and marks when your palm rests on the iPad screen while using the stylus. This feature contributes to a seamless and frustration-free interaction, particularly during extensive writing or drawing sessions. The implementation of palm rejection ensures that the stylus responds accurately to the intended input without interference from other parts of your hand.

A notable convenience of the ESR Stylus Pen lies in its magnetic attachment feature. This allows the stylus to securely attach to your iPad, providing a handy and easily accessible storage solution. The magnetic connection not only helps prevent the stylus from getting misplaced but also ensures a quick and hassle-free start whenever you need to use it, making it a practical accessory for on-the-go users.

With a direct discount on Amazon, the ESR Stylus Pen presents an affordable option for iPad users seeking a reliable and feature-rich stylus. The reduced price of $20 makes it an attractive choice for those looking to enhance their iPad’s functionality without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative individual, this stylus pen offers a cost-effective solution for taking full advantage of your iPad’s capabilities. If you’ve been considering upgrading your stylus or adding one to your iPad accessories, now might be an opportune time to take advantage of this discounted offer on Amazon.

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