2 Pack Of Nonda USB C To USB Adapter For MacBook & iPad Pro is On Sale At Amazon For $8

nonda USB C to USB Adapter(2 Pack)

Amazon offers a 2-pack USB-C adapter for $7.99. For Prime Members or orders in excess of $25, Free shipping is available. Overall, $10 is the second-best and lowest price we can find at present. This nice adapter makes it easy to connect legacy devices, including MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, to Apple’s most recent devices. I have some of these around the house to complement my MacBook Pro, 16-inch, to make it easy to pair old hard drives and my printer if necessary. The Amazon reviewers rated 4.6/5 stars by almost 2000.

Product Highlights:

[USB 3 0 Superspeed] Up to 5Gbps data transfer speed Fast USB C to USB adapter

[Plug & Play] OTG adapter No additional driver/software needed Simple Thunderbolt 3 to USB adapter

[Super Durable] Zinc alloy body prevents scratches Premium USB C connector passes 10 000+ Push/Pull Test

[Universal Compatibility] Compatible with laptop/tablet/smartphone with a USB Type-C port including Macbook Pro 2019/2018/2017 MacBook Air 2018 Nintendo Switch Samsung Galaxy S8/S9

[1-Year ] Feel free to upgrade to 3-Year by registering to nonda USB-C adapter program

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