$16 Xcentz Charging Station Power Up Five Devices At The Same Time Either If Its Tablet Or Smartphone

Xcentz USB Charger Multi Port Desktop Charging Station

It can be rather frustrating that not having sufficient ports to charge all the devices around your desk, but thankfully, the discounted Xcentz USB Desktop Charging Station will stop your power search It has 48W and five different USB ports and you can buy for just $15.99 from Amazon today when using BTZXTXOQ coupon code during checkout. That saves you $10 from their regular charge and hits the best price without a code.

You can charge up to five devices simultaneously by using this powerful USB charge station. The USB Charge 3.0 port, the USB-C port, and three standard USB ports are included. You can charge compatible devices up to 80% in only 35 minutes using the USB Quick Charge port. The USB-C port also provides high-speed charging. The charger detects the device once it’s attached to provide the optimum charge and ensures that it is efficiently powered

This charging station’s compactness has one of the best features. If you don’t have much space at your desk or wherever you have decided to use it at home, you can power five devices. Moreover, you can rest assured through its multi-protection systems that your connected devices are protected from overloads, short circuits, over-current, and other problems when powering up. With its purchase, Xcentz even includes an 18-month warranty.

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