$14 AUKEY Power Strip Lets Your Power Up Multiple Apple Device At The Same Time

Did you recently try to find a power strip or float protector in a brick and mortar store? The choices are slim and costly, and they are also outdated. One of the main ways in which people are now powering electronics is with a USB cable, but good luck finding a power strip in-store with a USB port on it. On the other hand, although most are not cheap, Amazon has a good selection available from different manufacturers. But Aukey’s USB Power Strip is on sale today for just $13.79 when you enter 6H2NOLFB promo code during checkout. The code saves you almost $10 off its regular cost and brings this power strip a couple of dollars lower than it has ever been reached without a code.

As a 1500-Joule surge protector, this 1250W power strip doubles. In addition, Aukey has built-in protections against excessive current, overheating and overloading to keep your devices safe when plugged in. It is equipped with four AC outlets and four USB ports, so you can dig out most of your large USB adapters that don’t fit on the same power strip and simply plug in your charging cable directly instead. Aukey’s AiPower Adaptive Charging technology provides up to 2.4A per port for optimized charging per device.

There are mounting ports at the bottom that make mounting this power strip easy for a cleaner, more organized look. It also features a5-foot power cable and an on / off switch. Aukey also includes a 2-year purchase warranty.

Over 250 customers at Amazon left a review for this power strip, resulting in a 4 out of 5-star rating.

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