$125 Lutron Caseta Smart Switch Starter Kit Set Lights To Automatically Adjust With Season (Supports Apple HomeKit)

Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit, Dimmer Switch (2 Count)

Amazon ships the Lutron Caseta HomeKit-ready Two Smart Switch Starter Kit for $124.90. This is $40 off the current rate found in retailers like Home Depot and is within $10 of the lowest price we’ve seen. After a recent purchase of a second home built in 1905, I knew that intelligent lighting might be a bit difficult because most require a neutral wire and it was not standard until later. Fortunately, Lutron is here to save the day without a neutral cable and a universal solution, which is also compatible with 3-way switches. The built-in hub is HomeKit, Alexa, Assistant, Sonos and more compatible. You can add another physical light button anywhere you choose by bundled remote controls. 4.6/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

PEACE OF MIND: Set lights to automatically adjust with changing seasons so your family always comes back to a well lit home; you can also enable the Smart Away feature to randomly turn your lights on and off to look like you’re home even if you’re away

MOST CONNECTED: Caseta connects with more leading smart home devices – including Alexa, Apple Home Kit, the Google Assistant, Serena shades and Sonos – than any other smart lighting control brand

CONTROL YOUR WAY: Caseta puts the smarts in the switch so you can control your lights in a variety of ways – via the free Lutron app, your voice, or from the wall. You can create personalized schedules to turn on, off, or dim lights at set times to best fit your everyday routines or activate favorited lighting scenes with the touch of a button

RELIABLY SMART: The smart bridge doesn’t use Wi-Fi, so you get super-fast, ultra-reliable smart lighting that works right, without slowing your Wi-Fi down with more devices

SET IT AND FORGET IT: Always keep your smart light functionality. Even when the Wi-Fi goes down, there’s no need to reset your schedules and scenes or reconnect everything when it comes back online

GET MORE, SPEND LESS: One Caseta smart switch can control many bulbs at once; make many bulbs smart, even your existing bulbs. Get smart control of multiple styles of dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs

WORKS WITH EXISTING WIRING: Unlike other smart dimmer switches, Caseta works in any home, of any age, as it does not require a neutral wire

EASY 3 WAY SETUP: With the included Pico remote control, create a 3 way by mounting the Pico to almost any wall surface without cutting holes or pulling wire. You can also replace existing 3-way switches by mounting the Pico over the back box; wall plate bracket, PICO WBX ADAPT, required for mounting Pico and sold separately

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Works with up to 150W dimmable LED light bulbs/CFL light bulbs or 600W incandescent bulbs/halogen bulbs; not rated for low voltage applications (I. e. track or landscape lighting)

Includes (1) Caseta smart bridge, (2) Caseta dimmer switches with wallplates, and (2) Pico 3 button dimming remotes

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