Get This Amazing 10000mAh Power Bank For Your Apple Devices At $116

Once you clip the on-page coupon and use the code HAZZB8CT at checkout, Momax Technologies from Amazon is selling its 10,000mAh MFi 15W MagSafe/20W USB-C PD 3-in-1 Portable Battery for $115.99. The current offer saves 32% compared to the usual pricing, which was $170. Also, it is a new all-time low for the data we’ve tracked. This portable battery has a ton of features. With a 15W MagSafe charger, you can charge your iPhone 12 or later at the fastest wireless speeds possible. A second integrated 5W puck is also included to power your Apple Watch without the need for an external power source. Then, a 20W USB-C PD output is present so that you can easily charge a MacBook Air, an iPad, or anything else. Also, with a 10,000mAh capacity, there is more than enough power to easily recharge both your iPhone and Apple Watch several times.

Product Highlights:

[Original Apple Components] MOMAX 3-in-1 wireless charger is MFM and MFi certified, so you can be sure that it not only works perfectly with your Apple devices, but also meets Apple’s strict quality and safety standards since it uses official MagSafe components. Never worry about a mismatched watchOS update again.

[True 15W Blazing-fast Output] Different from most aftermarket power banks that only provides 7.5W wireless charging for iPhone, this wireless charger station provides an unrestricted 15W output. It also offers separate 5W output for Apple Watch and AirPods, which means you can charge all your Apple gadgets at the same time without losing speed.

[Precise MagSafe Suction] Covered by industrial-grade magnets, this compact wireless charger aligned seamlessly to your iPhone, simplifying your charging experience. It grips your phone securely and won’t slip off even when shaken.

[Pack Lighter & Go Further] This travel charging station comes with a 10,000 mAh battery, so you don’t have to carry cables and chargers on long trips. It can also be turned into a docking station via the 20W USB-C in/out port. Thus when you finally settle at home or the hotel, just plug it in and all your devices will be fully charged the next morning.

[Universal Compatibility] MOMAX 3-in-1 wireless charger are compatible with iPhone 14/ 14 Plus/ 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13/ 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max/ 13 mini, iPhone 12/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max/ 12 mini (or any phone with a MagSafe compatible case), the full Apple Watch Series lineup, and any AirPods Model that supports wireless charging.

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