$10 nonda USB C to SD Card Reader Allow SD/MicroSD Card Access For Mac And iPad Pro

nonda USB C to SD Card Reader-min

You don’t want to skip the deal on Nonda’s USB-C to SD Card Reader if you need to make the most effective read and upload of files from an SD card or microSD cards to your USB-C laptop. Today, Amazon is on sale for just $9.89, saving you $3 off its full price and bringing this adapter down to a new low price.

This USB-C adapter has two slots, so you can simultaneously insert an SD card and a microSD card. It provides data transfer speeds up to 110MB/s, and does not need to install drivers or software; just plugin and start using it. It is fully compatible with MacBook Pro, Chromebook and more USB-C-devices, and is designed to keep certain ports in your machine from being blocked.

Now that computers with fewer and fewer ports are made, USB-C adapters like the one above become more necessary for you to be in the desk drawer or travel bag.

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